Sabatier Heritage

Sabatier’s rich history is steeped in the traditions of excellence and time-honored craftsmanship. Quality products utilizing premium materials are hallmarks of this world renowned brand. The Sabatier brand dates back to 1812, to a small workshop in the Thiers region of France.  Philippe Sabatier, a local craftsman, meticulously designed and produced a highly innovative kitchen knife, which rapidly grew in popularity across the region amongst professional cooks and butchers. To keep up with demand, Philippe recruited members of his family to help with production. Today, staying true to its European roots, Sabatier branded products exude refined elegance with contemporary tones garnering universal appeal. The trademark griffin insignia continues to guarantee the professional quality of distinctive Sabatier products.

Cutlery Manufacturers for Five Generations


Antoine Rousselon creates the Rousselon Company specialized in the trade of home furniture. His activity brings him from the shores of Rhone till the banks of Volga, and from the shores of the Mediterranean to the Caribbean Sea. He opens the Rousselon import/export counter in Paris.


Antoine Rousselon (center)


Gabriel Rousselon (center), Henri Rousselon (right)


Henri and Gabriel Rousselon, Antoine’s sons, acquire the 32 Dumas brand. This brand was owned by the Dumas family, cutlery artisan masters since 1652. This makes 32 Dumas the oldest cutlery mark, active without interruption for more than 350 years. They open the Rousselon factory in an old paper mill on the shores of the Durolle at la Croix Blanche.


Paul and Maurice Rousselon, Henri’s sons, succeed their father. They continue manufacturing table and kitchen cutlery as well as pocket knives in the la Croix Blanche factory, and promote the 32 Dumas brand in the different countries where their ancestors had introduced it.


Paul Rousselon


Maurice Rousselon

Jean Bruchon


Jean Bruchon, Paul Rousselon’s son-in-law, brings significant production changes to the “32” brand. He begins to focus on producing cutlery for professional and household cooking. He modernises and rationalises the production by grouping the different sites in Thiers on the grounds of La Croix Blanche and invests in new machines. In 1968 Jean builds the new factory, which is still the head office.


Pascale Sol-Bruchon, Jean Bruchon’s daughter, takes over the management of the Rousselon Company. With her youth and her dynamism, she boosts the development of the company, by modernising the production tools (for example, introducing polishing robots and electronic grinding machines). She brings creativity by working with internationally-acclaimed designers (such as Philippe Costard and Jean-Pierre Vitrac). She also begins exporting, by buying the Sabatier brand in 1991. In an industry dominated by males, she figures out new ways of crafting, manufacturing and selling knives.

Pascale Clermont-Ferrand-2011#6BC3C

Pascale Sol-Bruchon


With the purchase of the Maxime Girard Company, the Rousselon company acquires one of the most famous brand in the Thiers’s cutlery industry: Lion Sabatier. Thanks to the acquisition, the Rousselon Company acquires an internationally famous brand which reinforces its export leadership position.


The 2 Lions Sabatier International brand is used to answer to the rising consumer demand for a quality product at a competitive price. Thanks to our Asian partners, we developed collections addressing this need while respecting the fundamental values on which the company was founded. 150 years of experience in cutlery manufacturing are the guarantee of our credibility and honesty to the service of the products manufactured in our factory.